With the silly season upon we’re nearing that exciting time where you can shut the doors on what has been a busy year.

Before you head out and lap up that summer weather however, it’s important to make sure your business is all set to cope with the annual Christmas closure. Here’s some tips to ensure you’re ready (at least digitally) for the Christmas break.

Set up an automatic reply (Out of Office):

The out of office is a basic function however it is absolutely crucial at this time of year. Although you are not working your customers may at some point need you, and unless they receive an automated email telling them otherwise, they may believe your simply not replying, which in turn could lead to frustration.

Send a Christmas e-mail:

A nice way to build a decent rapport with your customers is to send out an email which lets them know when you’ll be closing and re-opening. This ensures that customers and staff are all on the same page and ensures there shouldn’t be any misunderstandings. The message should also include the standard wishes of merriment, however try and avoid the old cliché “ho ho ho” puns. You're better than that.

Make sure your website is up to date:

With Christmas approaching it is more than likely that your website will receive more traffic as potential customers look for those special presents. This means it’s hugely important your site gives an impressive (and up to date) reflection of your business. Make sure that all content is still relevant, otherwise you could end up missing out on potential customers.

Get on social media:

Christmas is the perfect time to cash in on your business’ social media following, and potentially increase it. It is the perfect way to let potential customer know what your offering in the Christmas period, whether it be a good that could be gifted on the 25th, or  a service which will make things easier in the New Year. People are in a spending sort of mood in December so be sure to cash in.

 In order to make the most of your Christmas break, it pays to be prepared! For other digital tips be sure to check out some of our other blogs or contact us today!

Create an email signature:

In advance of the Christmas break make sure that you set up an email signature which outlines how long your office will be closed for. This simple gesture will ensure there is no chance of confusion with your clients over the holiday period. 

Office voicemail:

No one enjoys returning from vacation to find several voicemails (often from the same people) asking when you will be back and why you are not returning their calls. The best thing to do is organise an office voicemail which clearly outlines that you are on break and when you will return to the office.  


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