Know the Why.

At BKA we believe in knowing why. Why build that app, the website, the platform or software? What's the purpose?

The whole team gets involved in knowing the purpose, we often do factory visits, ride alongs, attend classes and workshops to truly understand the business and the 'why'.

‘Know the Why’ is central to the success of any digital project – from a massive application, to a small website and a project update.

Even when taking the smallest brief the real insight comes from asking the question ‘Why? Are we doing this to ….

  • Increase sales?
  • Grow the database?
  • Make your life easier?
  • Make your clients feel even more special?
  • Reduce operational costs?

The list goes on. But the answer to the WHY question is everything, and the outcome is completely different in each case.

Knowing the WHY doesn’t stop with the person taking the brief. It’s important that the WHY is emblazoned (Yes- in hot pink)  on the project overview and communicated to every team member involved along the way. In daily project huddles the WHY is reiterated and every change is checked against it. Does this help us achieve the goal. Does it nail the WHY?

WHY does it matter?

Because a great digital agency works tirelessly to get the best outcome for clients.

And to do this you MUST understand the drivers, you MUST begin with THE WHY  


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