Whether starting a new business or moving from another e-commerce platform, there are multiple platform solutions available for running an online store. Which one is right for you? We recommend Shopify.

Why Shopify?

Shopify is a complete solution that provides everything you’ll need to set up and trade online. It provides tools to help organise your products, customise your storefront, accept credit card payments, and track and respond to orders.

And, as Shopify experts, we provide proven expertise and support to help you thrive in a competitive e-commerce environment.

Here are ten great reasons to choose Shopify:


1. 24/7 Support.

We all know how frustrating it can be when you need help right now, and no one is available. Well, Shopify experts are always ready to point you in the right direction via email, phone or live chat.

2. Security and customer trust.

Customers are more likely to trust and trade on credible e-commerce stores, and Shopify provides security equal to your internet banking.

3. A reliable hosted solution.

Shopify hosting is included in your monthly subscription. Complete with automated backups and updates to keep your side secure, it copes well during web traffic spikes with minimal downtime.

4. Multiple sales channels.

Shopify provides a single unified platform to sell the same products across multiple channels, making it a breeze for businesses also selling through pop-up shops, social media, online marketplaces or within native mobile apps. With all of your customer and product information in one place, you no longer need to duplicate efforts. Customers enjoy a consistent experience across all your channels.

5. Mobile friendly and secure.

Every theme comes with a beautiful, secure and optimised free mobile commerce checkout.

6. No surprise costs on your invoices.

Shopify offers five pricing plans with varying features. There’s a price option for all types of businesses, from start-up to advanced. Unlike many other platforms with hidden costs, Shopify is completely transparent about its credit card fees, enabling you to work out a rough monthly fee based on the anticipated number of transactions. Even though Shopify isn’t necessarily the cheapest, its reliable technology eliminates potential downtime and lost sales.

7. Administration made easy.

Rather spend time making money and growing your business, than trying to master a complex platform. Shopify makes day-to-day tasks super fast and easy.

8. Your SEO rankings won’t be negatively affected.

Considering moving to Shopify? An SEO Shopify expert will help you manage the transition to help you keep your strong rankings.

9. Shopify Plus – An Enterprise Level Solution.

Concerned about outgrowing your solution? Shopify Plus offers unlimited bandwidth and no transaction fees for high-volume and fast-growing merchants.

10. Community of entrepreneurs.

Communities such as Shopify’s Ecommerce Forums, Ecommtalk and GitHub present excellent opportunities to learn new skills from successful entrepreneurs and experts. This is invaluable for inexperienced beginners.

If you are thinking of taking your cool products online then Shopify could be the best option. Talk to team BKA_ about how to get this underway. We are always easy to talk to and happy to help.

Contact us here: https://www.bka.co.nz/contact/

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