The big website experiment

By now, we're sure you've heard that we're building a new website. Exciting isn't it!

Our team of digital outfitters love a challenge so it's no surprise that they were on board with our latest project. 

What might take you by surprise, however, is BKA's unique project management method. When kick-starting new work, a lot of agencies start with the 'what' or 'how'.

We don't. We start with the 'why'.  

We've been building digital products for more than 15 years and our clients always love what we create for them.

As well as our incredibly talented team, knowing our 'why' is what guarantees our success - every single time.


What is our why process?


It's our number one value. 

We know the 'why' behind everything we do. It's the way we roll!

Every project at BKA starts with one simple question: why?


Why do we ask 'why'?

It's simple. This is where the most valuable insights come from. 

Once we pinpoint the driving force behind our projects, it informs all the work that follows.


How do we do it?

We're experts at what we do, so we put that expertise to good use. 

The whole team gets involved in our 'why' process and contributes. 


What do we do next?

Once we've nailed our why, we check every stage of the project against it.

It's a proven success and ensures we never lose sight of the project goals.


For more on our 'why' process, have a read of this 


Why redesign the BKA website? 

We love building websites, and it's time for a refresh, so we're going to share our entire process with our community. 

As always, we started by getting our whole team involved to figure out our 'why'.

We asked ourselves lots of whys:

  • why do we need a refresh?
  • why will it help us?
  • why will it help our clients?
  • why will it be better than before?
  • why does it matter?

Once we had everyone's feedback, we started to look for clear themes. Eventually, we refined all of our ideas into 7 distinct project goals which we will use to inform the rest of our project. 


We've created BKA Beta to share our ideas with you.

Go and check it out. There's a comment bar for you to add your thoughts at the bottom. Remember, no idea is a bad idea!

Explore BKA Beta

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