Here at BKA, app development is our creative playground. We love designing, building and testing them.

Kiwis love apps too! In fact, the New Zealand market is one of the fastest economies to adapt to new technologies, according to research conducted by Canstar Blue.

Out of 2,258 kiwis surveyed, over a quarter said they used their smartphone more than their computer. As well, 35% of participants said they preferred using communication apps more than traditional, in-built text and phone features.

These changing digital trends become even more relevant when we apply them to business markets. The new age individual wants everything to be personalised and tailored to them.

For both B2B and B2C markets, this is having a momentous effect on how businesses’ function – both internally and with their customers.


If you’re considering an app for your business, here’s 6 reasons why it would be a smart move.


1. It's a digital revolution

As companies and organisations adapt to suit society’s love for digital, business models and company cultures are undergoing some heavy change. 

A custom-made app can make all the difference in these scenarios, resulting in a much smoother transition. Create buy-in from your employees for big cultural initiatives or introduce a valuable digital tool to support a new business model. Whatever the need, there's a personalised app that can be built to help your business. 

2. Influence your customers

Ever wished you could influence your consumer behaviour. Well, with an app, now you can!

Create valuable customer habits that help boost your business. Take some big household app names - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. They've all established a unique service and encouraged strong user habits. If your business model relies on consumer habits, then an app could mean you're on to a winner. 

3. Custom built, just for your business

The whole point of a customised app is that it's built just for you. 

It's fit for purpose, has features that fit your company like a glove. Best of all? Nobody else will have it, so it's your unique selling point. 

4. Just in Time

The digital revolution might have got a bit of a bad rap but it's actually generated a whole heap of opportunity. 

With the help of digital, things that once seemed impossible are now totally do-able. When your customers start using your app, you get access to a vault of valuable information. Imagine this - when Joe Bloggs is approaching your business, you get an alert. That means you can prepare for his arrival, get a lowdown on his customer profile and customise his experience for when he walks through the door. Fancy, huh?!

5. That's entertainment

At the very least, an app delivers a fun and engaging experience for your customers.

Apps don't always have to be built for super serious reasons. Maybe you want to give back to your customers, while showing off your brand personality. Games and entertainment apps are a brilliant platform for this and are guaranteed to put a smile on your audiences' faces. 

6. Memorable experiences

It's all about the entire package and what lasting memory you leave with your customers. 

An app can enhance your entire customer experience and encourage longer engagement times with your brand. If your app gives your consumer experience that certain 'je ne sais quoi', then you'll have the edge over your competitors.



Got an idea for an app? Come and have a coffee and a chat with us at our offices in Auckland. Call us on 09 300 5081


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