Crisis Manager

Crisis occurs...
No matter if the network is down or up...
Your business continues!

No matter what happens, all the information your business needs, from important contact details to documents and more, are available to you when you need them 24/7.

Mobile Application

The Crisis Manager App allows you immediate and convenient access to:

  • Staff, important client and emergency contact details.
  • Important documents, such evacuation plans, first aid protocol, legal and insurance documents and more.

Other cool features:

  • Instant messaging system via a push notification to the user.
  • Allows for quick response with a one push, ARE YOU OKAY? button.
  • Gives you the ability to auto prioritise personnel and tag key staff members as away.
  • Easy and intuitive administration hub

PLUS - the app can also be customised with your own company’s branding!

Who is using it?

  • Foodstuffs NZ (Christchurch)
  • BKA Digital Outfitters

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