MedAire is a US based global company that provides medical supplies and safety services to super yachts and airlines. MedAire approached BKA to create an application that would streamline this process, and ‘Sea to Shore’ was built.

Mobile Application

The iPad application ‘Sea to Shore’ manages every aspect of medical supply provision. It’s also a sophisticated travel app with a suite of useful features that make it an invaluable everyday reference tool. The app seamlessly connects with multiple APIs for weather, travel tips, safety and health alerts and inventory using an advanced CMS. An easy administrative interface means content can be managed effectively.

Through an intuitive and organised UI ‘Sea to Shore’ provides quick accessibility to useful information such as:

  •        Fast access to current content with or without internet access.
  •        Port of call information such as time, date, tide, temperature and weather.
  •        Travel and medical risk scale.
  •        Medical inventory.
  •        Useful guides and advice for medical, security and travel.

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